Centerline™ Undercounter Dishwasher

Hobart-clean dishes at a great value.

You’re where you’ve always wanted to be—creating great food in your place—on your terms. You need quality equipment that supports your high standards, at a price that meets your budget.

The Centerline™ undercounter was designed for you.

Centerline™ delivers the reliable sanitization you need, backed with the cost saving benefits of a Hobart designed dishwasher. With its quick two-minute cycle, the Centerline™ undercounter can handle all of the dishes, glassware and utensils your growing business uses daily, while using just 0.84 gallons of fresh rinse water per rack. And, with a door opening of 14.46 inches, it accepts some prep ware too, including half-size sheet pans and a 20-quart mixing bowl. The CUH model features a top-mounted user interface designed with a simple one-touch activation as well as a Sense-a-Temp™ booster heater for a 180°F final rinse temperature.

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At the push of a button, a rack of soiled dishes is cleaned and sanitized in a Centerline™ undercounter, within the short span of a two-minute cycle.

Drying is achieved quickly, and your team is freed up to focus on more valued-added tasks. Gain the labor efficiencies you need with the Centerline™ undercounter by Hobart—a simple, durable and affordable option that will keep productivity high within your operation.


Automating your warewashing process can be a significant advantage for your business when compared to the manual process of a 3-compartment sink.

The Centerline™ undercounter provides consistent wash and rinse temperatures, chemical dosing precision and speed & efficiency unmatched by a manual process. At a time when food safety is more important than ever, the sanitization assurance that a commercial dishwasher brings to the clean-up process is second to none.


Looking to rein in costs associated with utilities and chemicals connected to your clean-up process? Look no further than the Centerline™ undercounter by Hobart.

At an affordable purchase price, the Centerline™ undercounter provides the simplicity and reliability you need, with the operating efficiencies your growing business demands. At just .84 gallons of rinse water per rack, the Centerline™ undercounter uses less water, energy and chemicals when compared to competitive models.


The Centerline™ undercounter is simple & intuitive in its design, allowing team members to operate the dishwasher with minimal training.

Job aides add to the simplicity, including tri-lingual operator training videos and full-color daily operation and cleaning guides. Hobart makes it easy, so you can focus on what matters most.


Just the right features—clean & simple.

Model Comparison

Centerline™ LXe (Base) Advansys™ LXeR
Performance Rating Good Better Best
Sanitizing Method High Temp and Low Temp High Temp and Low Temp High Temp
Water Consumption .84 .74 .62
Wash Cycle Options Normal & Extended Normal Light, Normal, Heavy
Door Opening 14.46" 17" 17"
Smart Display No No Yes
Steam Elimination & Energy Recovery No No Yes
Auto Delime No No Yes
Clogged Wash Arm Notification No No Yes
NSF Pot & Pan Certification No No Yes - On Heavy Cycle
Deluxe Strainer System No Yes Yes
Auto Clean Cycle Yes Yes Yes
Delime Notification Yes Yes Yes
Chemical Pumps Standard Yes Yes Yes
ADA Compliant Machine Height Yes Yes Yes
Sense-a-Temp™ Booster Heater Yes Yes Yes
ENERGY STAR® Certified No Yes Yes