Centerline™ Undercounter Dishwasher

Hobart-clean dishes at a great value.

You’re where you’ve always wanted to be—creating great food in your place—on your terms. You need quality equipment that supports your high standards, at a price that meets your budget.

The Centerline™ undercounter was designed for you.

Centerline™ delivers the reliable sanitization you need, backed with the cost saving benefits of a Hobart designed dishwasher. With its quick two-minute cycle, the Centerline™ undercounter can handle all of the dishes, glassware and utensils your growing business uses daily, while using just 0.84 gallons of fresh rinse water per rack. And, with a door opening of 14.46 inches, it accepts some prep ware too, including half-size sheet pans and a 20-quart mixing bowl. The CUH model features a top-mounted user interface designed with a simple one-touch activation as well as a Sense-a-Temp™ booster heater for a 180°F final rinse temperature.

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Save LABOR      

At the push of a button, a rack of soiled dishes is cleaned and sanitized in a Centerline™ undercounter, within the short span of a two-minute cycle.

Drying is achieved quickly, and your team is freed up to focus on more valued-added tasks. Gain the labor efficiencies you need with the Centerline™ undercounter by Hobart—a simple, durable and affordable option that will keep productivity high within your operation.


Automating your warewashing process can be a significant advantage for your business when compared to the manual process of a 3-compartment sink.

The Centerline™ undercounter provides consistent wash and rinse temperatures, chemical dosing precision and speed & efficiency unmatched by a manual process. At a time when food safety is more important than ever, the sanitization assurance that a commercial dishwasher brings to the clean-up process is second to none.


Looking to rein in costs associated with utilities and chemicals connected to your clean-up process? Look no further than the Centerline™ undercounter by Hobart.

At an affordable purchase price, the Centerline™ undercounter provides the simplicity and reliability you need, with the operating efficiencies your growing business demands. At just .84 gallons of rinse water per rack, the Centerline™ undercounter uses less water, energy and chemicals when compared to competitive models.


The Centerline™ undercounter is simple & intuitive in its design, allowing team members to operate the dishwasher with minimal training.

Job aides add to the simplicity, including tri-lingual operator training videos and full-color daily operation and cleaning guides. Hobart makes it easy, so you can focus on what matters most.


Just the right features—clean & simple.

Model Comparison

Centerline™LXe (Base)Advansys™ LXeR
Performance RatingGoodBetterBest
Sanitizing MethodHigh Temp and Low TempHigh Temp and Low TempHigh Temp
Water Consumption .84.74.62
Wash Cycle Options Normal & ExtendedNormalLight, Normal, Heavy
Door Opening 14.46"17"17"
Smart Display NoNoYes
Steam Elimination & Energy RecoveryNoNoYes
Auto Delime NoNoYes
Clogged Wash Arm Notification NoNoYes
NSF Pot & Pan Certification NoNoYes - On Heavy Cycle
Deluxe Strainer System NoYesYes
Auto Clean Cycle YesYesYes
Delime Notification YesYesYes
Chemical Pumps Standard YesYesYes
ADA Compliant Machine Height YesYesYes
Sense-a-Temp™ Booster HeaterYesYesYes
ENERGY STAR® Certified NoYesYes

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