HCC34 Combination Food Processor

Enjoy the flexibility of either bowl style or continuous-feed processing.

Easy to change continuous to bowl style operations

Multiple speed options for a variety of food applications

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Reduce preparation time without sacrificing consistency and quality. Hobart’s Combination Food Processor is simple to use from set up to clean up, so you can spend less time chopping, slicing and shredding and more time perfecting your recipes.

Rely on the Hobart HCC34 to provide you with a food processor that can help you breeze through an abundance of food preparation jobs.

Bowl Processing

  • 3.2 qt. stainless steel bowl
  • Bowl processing at 1,450/2,650 rpm for excellent emulsion and blending results.

Continuous Processing

  • Continuous feed operation at 500/800 rpm provides reliable, consistent cuts. 
  • Stainless steel cutting tool construction.
  • Includes 5⁄32" slicer, 5⁄32" shredder, and 3⁄8" dicing set.



In an ever changing environment like a kitchen, it is imperative to have a versatile machine to handle a multitude of applications.

With the HCC34, you could be dicing, slicing, grating, shredding, cutting julienne and crimping slices in a variety of dimensions. The next minute you could be chopping, grinding, mixing, blending/mincing meats, creating aromatic butter, dressings, desserts, purées, pâtés, soups, etc all in one machine. With unmatched versatility and power, the HCC34 can handle about any food prep application you throw at it.


Multiple speed settings allow the HCC34 to create incredible consistencyt and precision for different foods.

In the bowl application, you have two different continuous speed settings along with a pulsating setting. The two constant speed settings run at 1,450 rpm (for more delicate dishes like salsas and parsley) and 2,650 rpm (for emulsifying). The pulse setting gives the operator easier operating controls and runs at 2,650 rpm. In continuous feed mode, there are two speeds--500 rpm and 800 rpm. The lower speed is for soft products (tomatoes), and the higher speed for more dense foods (carrots).


Two-in-One Food Processing Machine

Model Comparison

Common Applications
Mince, Slice, Chop (onions, carrots, mozzarella cheese)1.5 lb 20 seconds
Meats (fresh, steak tartar)1.5 lb30 seconds
Meats (cooked, salmon mousse)2 lb30 seconds
Dough2 lb60 seconds
Bread Crumbs0.75 lb10 seconds
Parmesan Cheese (fine)0.75 lb60 seconds
Aromatic Butter2 lb30 seconds
Mayonnaise1.25 qt35 seconds
Tomato Sauce1 qt20 seconds
Liquid0.75 qtPulse as Required

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